10 Loveable Reasons to Choose a Mixed Breed Dog

Feb 17, 2020     |      Sophie's Circle

A boy petting an older mixed breed dogMixed breed dogs found at shelters and foster homes are exploding in popularity. Why? Depending on your purpose for getting a dog, many people are finding more reasons to adopt an animal from the shelter than reasons to buy from a breeder. From saving a dog's life to finding a unique looking pet that holds a special place in your heart, we will explore 10 of the top reasons you will love adopting your mixed breed! 

  1. Save a Life While Reducing Stress
    The first obvious benefit that comes to mind with rescuing a mixed breed or any breed of dog from a shelter is you can save his life in doing so, which results in that warm happy glow inside your heart. What's more, this decision is the start of a more routinely active lifestyle with a companion to give you comfort and joyful tail wags on those days when you could use a friend who will never judge you and cannot wait to see you! It's no wonder studies have found that owning a dog can reduce your stress levels. True, you could get the daily exercise, mood improvement, and stress relief benefits from bringing a purebred dog into your home from a breeder. However, the dogs you find at the local shelter often come with extra stress-reducing perks. 
  2. Lower Vet Bills
    One of those benefits has to do with not having to worry as much over the dog's health. With purebreds, there may be health concerns commonly found in the breed. Crossbreed canines may not come with a pedigree to display in your home, but they have a significantly increased chance of having inherited better health than your average purebred. This could mean fewer sick visits and medical tests to perform, which also translates into a lower financial and time strain.

  3. Save Money by Adopting a Rescue
    Additionally, if you rescue your blended pet, you are likely saving even more money because most dogs waiting for adoption have already been vaccinated and spayed or neutered. As a bonus, your adoption fee is likely very low compared to purchasing your dog from a breeder, which could cost in the thousands to use a reputable breeder! Therefore, with regard to cost savings, the award goes to the mixed breed, especially when you find him at a shelter as opposed to a breeder.

  4. Housebroken and Leash Ready
    Speaking of shelter dogs, we have more great news! There are a large number of friendly adult dogs who have already been leash trained and housebroken. So, where puppies may have accidents on your favorite rug and take several minutes out of your day to train to walk nicely beside you during your morning and afternoon stroll, an adopted adult that comes pre-trained can assimilate into your routine and home much faster with very little effort.

  5. More Years Together
    One of the hardest parts of owning a dog is having limited years to spend with him. After all, who wouldn't jump at a chance of getting extra years to spend with one's pet? Thankfully, along with healthier genes that typically result in lower medical bills, mixed breed dogs statistically live a longer life. 

  6. Personalities and Looks Vary Regardless 
    Many people believe a purebred dog is the only way to get the personality and abilities they want in their four-legged companion. In truth, there is some trait varience even among purebreds. Also, it is hard to tell how the adult dog will behave when getting a puppy. Thus, opting for an adult blended breed dog in the shelter that looks and behaves like what you were hoping to find is an easy way to be matched with your furry best friend.

  7. Have it all!
    Can't decide on a favorite breed? With a mixed breed, you can get your favorite traits from each. Then, have fun walking your original blended pet down the street causing dog fans you pass to turn green with envy.

  8. Travel With Your Own Networking Ice Breaker
    All breeds of dogs can be ideal for introducing you to new people at parks, in certain stores, and while on walks. However, picture your one-of-a-kind mixed breed at a pet-friendly BBQ . He is likely leaving a memorable impression and creating quite a stir among the other attendees for being the only one who looks the way he does. Besides, this makes for an excellent opening to share his story and teach others about how great adopting a blended breed from a shelter can be! 

  9. Help the Canine Community
    As you tell others about how you and your beloved pet came to find each other, you can feel good knowing the people who hear your story will leave with a positive impression of mixed breeds and pet adoption. You are part of the solution for helping neglected or unwanted dogs. Not only did you bring one into your loving home, you spread the word about the great dogs still needing a home, and you are sending a message to breeders that churn out too many puppies in unsafe spaces. 

  10. Make Room for Another Rescue
    On the issue of unsafe spaces, it can also be equally unsafe to house too many dogs in shelters. Hence, the need for foster families and owners willing to adopt a mixed breed dog is hard to ignore. Too many amazing dogs are unable to be saved because of the lack of space in a shelter or foster home. By adopting your blended breed shelter dog, you have officially become a hero to not only your selected canine buddy but also to the one who gets to take his place in the safe shelter or foster home.

In short, as you can see from the above, a lack of pedigree won't keep these faithful mixed breeds from standing out from the pack and making a huge splash with friends, family, and strangers. Just as we humans march to our drums, why not get a dog that does the same? This year, instead of looking for the most expensive breeder in the region, save money and adopt a dog in need of a place he can call home and an owner he can love for a lifetime.