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Visit Franklin's Friends TodayIt goes without saying that if you are a rescue, you have very high veterinary expenses.  Most of the dogs who come into the rescue have conditions or injuries that need immediate treatment, and it makes it challenging to say yes and help a dog that is going to cost sometimes upwards of $2500 to help.  Franklin's Friends is a non-profit organization that gives grant money to legitimate rescues that take in dogs with special medical needs.  They hold us to the highest standards for accountability and are extremely generous and supportive.  They host enjoyable fundraisers and are well supported by the community who appreciates the good work they are doing.  You might say Franklin's Friends are the Wind Beneath our Wings

We are grateful and appreciative to the good people at Franklin's Friends for enabling us to say yes to dogs that we know are going to be expensive to treat. It gives us an opportunity to give them a well deserved second chance. 



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