Why More People are Adopting Dogs During COVID-19

Jun 01, 2020     |      Sophie's Circle

A little girl in a field with her two dogs.Social distancing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) has left many individuals feeling isolated and anxious. Pets are a great way to combat such negative effects in five health-promoting ways resulting in an exciting jump in the number of dog adoptions. Find out which of these dog adoption health benefits would bring the most joy to your life while you adapt to the "new normal" way of life.

Faithful Companionship 
Human beings and dogs are social by nature. Therefore, it is no surprise companionship is one of the primary reasons people think about adopting a dog. But, the act of self-quarantining at home has brought this need to light for many people who are accustomed to being around others at their workplace, school, or while socializing with friends and family. Dogs can boost the mood of someone who is frustrated or saddened by the separation just by staying close or displaying an unbridled joy with an exuberant tail wag. This is especially true for individuals who live alone or children who miss playing with their friends and would like a companion to keep them company both while at home and when outside enjoying the fresh air. 

Comfort During Time of Uncertainty
There is nothing like a heart-warming dog cuddle session or the spirit-lifting experience of getting some exercise with one's best friend when sad events occur. With COVID-19, there are more questions than answers. This uncertainty can take its toll on one's emotions. Luckily, dogs nearly always have a healthy dose of cheer to offer as they give pet owners an opportunity to focus on more positive things like what they can control by performing routine tasks and offering a way to help the community via rescuing a dog in need of a home. Not to mention, dogs have a superpower in the healing benefits of canine snuggle time! 
More Time to Care for Pets 
A big concern many individuals who work or go to school outside of the home have about pet ownership is how to care for an animal when no one is around for long periods of time. Since dogs need their potty breaks outside at least once every six hours, it can be difficult to get home at lunchtime to let the dog out. Of course, then there is the daily training time, feeding times, playtime, and walks to schedule. However, now that more people are working and distance learning from home without running errands and planning activities, there is more free time available for caring for pets. 

Entertainment for the Kids 
Speaking of more time, parents have been facing the challenge of finding ways to keep their children consistently entertained at home and often while balancing work, cooking, exercise, and household chores. Kids who are full of energy and ready for action can run in the yard with their adopted playmate, teach their dogs new tricks, dress their dogs up for role-playing fun, read to their dog, paint a picture of their dog, and much more! This extra time at home may end up providing a chance to form a bond between children and their dogs that will last a lifetime while saving mom and dad from getting overwhelmed with activity planning.

Keeping Owners Fit
Speaking of daily walks, playtime in the yard, and companion strolls in the fresh air, dogs add an extra layer of fitness while the gyms are closed, afterschool athletic programs are canceled, and the fridge and pantry are full from all the cooking at home. Yeh, stress-eating is part of our struggle too! Thankfully, staying active with walks, training sessions, and playtime is yet another way dogs help humans as we burn calories, reduce our blood sugar, increase our blood and oxygen circulation, and simply feel happier while combatting the COVID-19 blues.

Therefore, if you are considering rescuing a dog in need of a home and loving owner, you may be surprised all the touching benefits he will give you in return during COVID-19 and over the years that follow. To learn more about our amazing adoptees, please visit our adoption page. Also, we are in need of foster parents while our dogs are waiting for their forever homes and pet food pantry donations for those pets whose owners who have fallen on hard times. You can find information on how to help with these three methods by browsing our website or contact us with your questions. On behalf of the community we serve, we hope to hear from you soon!