What Does It Mean to Be a Dog Person?

Sep 06, 2018     |      Sophie's Circle

You’ve probably heard people describe someone as a dog or cat person. Oftentimes, people prefer one pet over the other, although many have both cats and dogs. However, there’s more to being a dog person than choosing a pet that barks over one that meows. A dog person may also have a certain personality that is agreeable and easy to get along with whereas a cat person is more likely to be creative and artistic.

Personality & Pets

It’s presumptuous to assume that you can predict someone’s personality by asking which pet they prefer. However, there is a pattern that links your character traits to a preference for a pet. If you think about it, it does make sense. After all, if you enjoy some quiet and solitude, you’re not likely to pick a pet that needs to be taken for a walk every couple of hours. Here we’ll explore some common character traits that you can expect to see in a dog person.


If you identify as a dog person, you probably tend to be very outgoing and easy to get along with. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make the connection, but dog people like to go for walks and tend to meet new people along the way. It’s difficult to hide when you’re a dog owner, because your dog will start many introductions for you.

While there’s no evidence that dog owners copy traits from their pets, they tend to be more trusting in general. Just as your canine friend trusts you to care for them and provide for them, you may also be in the habit of seeing the positive things in people. This is an attractive personality trait, which will help you forge many lasting and deep friendships.


Dog owners are more likely to be extroverted than cat owners. This is not surprising, considering they’re more outgoing and energetic. Someone who will go for a walk in rain or shine, night or dark, must have more energy than the person who prefers to stay home in the evenings. While there’s nothing wrong with being introverted, an extrovert may also have a more positive view of life in general.


Dogs and their owners also have a strong sense of duty. It could be that taking care of a dog instills this sense, but most likely you wouldn’t have a dog in the first place if you weren’t a responsible person. Dog ownership requires many early morning walks, training sessions, and countless hours of feeding and caring for your dog.

According to an online survey, dog people were rated as 11% more conscientious than cat people. If you were looking for someone who was more disciplined, you should probably ask a dog person. They’re also more likely to make plans for the future instead of deciding things on the fly.


Dog owners tend to be more affectionate. While cat owners may enjoy cuddling just as much, a dog person is more open about it. They’re kind and sociable, which makes them fun to be around. A dog person may also be more altruistic and put others’ needs before their own.

A Cat Person Is Creative

If you’re a cat person or know someone who is, you probably know that they’re a little different. A cat person is often more open to new things and not married to routines. They don’t have to do things the way they’ve always been done, because they’re more creative and artistic. Cat people are also more likely to think outside the box, which is incredibly helpful in our constantly evolving world.

One flip side of being a cat person is that they can be more neurotic. You may feel more easily stressed and anxious about things that are going on in your life. The good news is that spending more time with your pet can help you worry and stress less.

All Pet Owners Are Unique

Naturally, you can’t make generalizations like these and expect everyone to fall under them. Pet owners are as unique as their pets. In fact, there are probably quite a few inactive dog owners who prefer to keep to themselves just as much as there are energetic cat owners. Not every dog is eager to meet new people, and you can certainly find a pet that suits your personal style in either category.