Ways Rescue Dogs Help Us Build and Share the Love

Feb 01, 2020     |      Sophie's Circle

A senior citizen sitting on a bench enjoying his time with his two dogs and a cat.We can learn so much about love from rescue dogs. For starters, they teach us to share what we have, respect boundaries, empathize, speak kind words, and give lots of hugs. More to the point, their imprint on our lives extends far beyond property lines. These are ten lessons about love every rescue owner learns from his or her dog that can be paid forward in the surrounding community.

Symbol of Unconditional Love
If you want to know how adopted dogs who are saved from being neglected, abused, or left behind can teach us about love, the first thing that likely comes to mind is their strong desire to wag their tails, give abundant kisses and cuddles, and show great loyalty and trust with the proper treatment and care. They are not picky about your style of clothing, they do not complain when you need to clean up, they never judge you, and they are always waiting for you to get home. Despite their varied backstories, all dogs possess unconditional love for their owners. Many charities offer shelter and clothing with no questions asked and friends lend a shoulder to cry on when the road gets rough. For dog owners, it makes you wonder if rescue dogs learned such behaviors from us or if we learned these behaviors after adopting a dog?

Speak With Love in Your Heart
Although dogs bark and occasionally feel the need to growl to show their fear or anxiety, they respond well to kind words of praise. In fact, positive reinforcement with your tone and affection is one of the most effective forms of dog training. It even works for older rescues who have had a challenge correcting certain behaviors in the past. What if we work to turn our negative thoughts, words, and harsh tones into positive words of praise when we speak to others? After all, as the saying goes, "You catch more flies with honey!" 

Love the Stress Away
When you rescue a dog, he is building a bond of trust and faithful companionship with each activity you perform together. Watching this love grow and flourish warms the heart. So, it's not surprising that dog ownership has been found to reduce stress and blood pressure in humans. This healthy effect has also been discovered when humans spend time with their human besties where they feel confident they can trust their close bond. Therefore, the jury is in- Dogs teach us how to literally love our cares away.

Give Love all 365 Days
One thing you can count on with your rescued dog is he will love you each and every day without hesitation. He will love you through the good times and the hardships. His steadfast bond with you and the way he looks admiringly at you does not change with the weather or as you make mistakes in life. What would society be like if we loved that deeply and consistently? 

Give Love to Others 
As the camp song says, "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and other gold." Dogs must sing this in their heads all the time because in addition to bringing out the best in us with our words and actions they show us how we can be loving towards the strangers we meet. What an incredible legacy we would leave if everyone we encounter had that impression of us as humans! 

Showing Love for Oneself
While walking or running with your adopted furry friend, make sure to thank him for giving you both a reason to exercise and a motivating partner to tackle your distance, speed, agility, or incline goals. Accomplishing these exercise goals together further reduces stress, lowers blood sugar levels, trains our brains to handle stress better, and helps us feel happier with the release of neurotransmitters such as dopamine. With all that going on each time you take your rescue for a walk, you will surely want to tell others about this guiltless pleasure you have discovered that when coupled with your dog's unconditional love and acceptance helps you love yourself a little more each day.

In conclusion, dogs are amazingly resilient animals that can teach us many lessons about the healing power of faithfully loving one another. When we look at the humans in our lives and even strangers we encounter through the eyes of our dogs, the world becomes a much nicer place to live in. You can find your loving dog right here on our website. These rescues already have so much to share. All they need is someone to share it with. Go on our adoption page to start your search for your furry best friend today!