Signs Your Cat Loves You

Nov 17, 2018     |      Sophie's Circle

Signs Your Cat Loves YouThere is a terrible stereotype that cats don’t love their owners but are merely roommates that don’t pay rent. However, as any crazy cat lady will tell you, this is far from true. Cats have many ways of showing affection and love to you, you just have to know which signs to look for. If your cat is displaying any of the traits below, you are a well-loved human.

1. Purring

When cats get that low rumble in their bellies, this is a big sign that you are loved and appreciated. Purring is a cat’s way to communicate that they are pleased and calm. There are times when a purr can communicate fear, but this is not as common and is most likely accompanied by other behaviors that will make it clear that they are not happy. If they are curled in your lap with their eyes closed, this is probably not the case.

2. Vocalizations

Cats are notoriously quiet but one of the best ways they have to communicate with humans in through meowing. It is actually very rare for cats to meow at one another once they are grown so meowing is a crucial form of communication between you and your furry friend. Meowing is also very uncommon towards strangers, so think of it as a special language that you share, no matter what time of day or night they may be talking to you.

3. Bunting

If you ever wonder why your cat rubs their face all over your hand, or cup, or legs it’s because they love you! Bunting is basically the cat equivalent of “marking their territory” and letting other animals and humans know that you are theirs. They might even do this to new people or animals that come into their house as a way of showing affection to humans that they trust.

4. Scratching and/or Kneading

Both of these behaviors are signs that your cat is comfortable in their surroundings and loved. Kneading is a behavior left over from kittenhood when kittens knead on their mothers to release more milk. It is a sign that they are feeling loved and comforted, much like a mother and child. Scratching is a similar behavior that is most often associated with areas that your cat feels most comfortable. Their paws leave a scent on the area that they scratch or knead and mark it as a safe place for them. If you pay attention, you might notice that the places they choose to knead or scratch are most often associated with the human they love most.

5. Grooming

Cats actually spend a great portion of their day grooming themselves, so it is a great honor to be chosen as a subject to this. If a cat takes time to groom you, she views you as a part of her family group so take it as a compliment and give her some love back. Probably don’t lick her though….

6. Gifts

It’s always so nice to wake up to a beautiful gift waiting for you, but if you are a cat owner, sometimes it can seem more like a nightmare. However, try to understand the reason your kitty is leaving you such precious gifts, like dead mice, birds, or even spiders. This is their way of providing for you and caring for you! It is the ultimate sacrifice of love when they present you with the first fruits of their labor, so try to hold back your frustration and respond with praise instead. They are only trying to show you how much you mean to them.

7. Tail Position

While it may not be the prettiest view, when a cat raises their tail to you it is a sure sign they love you. Cats never turn their back on someone they think is a threat, so take it as a compliment that you get such a wonderful compliment. Likewise, if your cat walks around with their tail held in the air with a slight bend on the top, they are happy and comfortable in their home. This is one of the first signs to look for when introducing a new pet to your house.

8. Laying Down and/or Rolling

Cats and dogs alike show submission and love by laying on their backs and displaying their tummies to you. However, unlike dogs, this is not always an invitation to scratch or rub them. Instead, they may lay on the ground and roll around to express their excitement in seeing you. Give them a little rub to show that you understand and love them back.

9. Blink Kiss

Contrary to our own human interaction, direct eye contact is actually seen as threatening to cats. This is why cats seem to gravitate more toward the person in the room who is trying to avoid them, because they see them as less threatening. If your cat won’t ever take his eyes off something, that means he doesn’t trust it. Alternatively, there is a loving way that cats make eye contact and this is what researchers call the “blink kiss.” If you make eye contact with your cat, slowly blink your eyes to communicate that you trust them enough to take your eyes off of them. This communicates that you are safe and non-threatening. Your cat might even do it back! This type of communication is very important and one of the surest signs that your cat loves you.

10. Sleeping

Falling asleep near or around you is the ultimate sign of trust from a cat. Since cats are almost always on high alert, displaying droopy or tired eyes is their way of turning that off and allowing themselves to be protected by you. It may seem that they don’t care about your presence but this is actually a sign of the opposite. It shows that you are their safe place and where they feel most comfortable. Never underestimate how much your cat loves you if they fall asleep on your lap.