How To Keep Your Dog Safe While Driving

May 01, 2023     |      Sophie's Circle

Anyone who is a dog owner knows how bad it feels when you have to leave your furry family member at home when you're running errands. But that also means you know how much fun you can have when you bring them along for the ride. So, whether you're going on a road trip or running a few errands, it is essential to ensure that all your family members are strapped in safely - including your furry four-legged family members. Here are the five best ways to ensure your pup is secured and ready to hit the road.

  1. Get A Dog Harness Seat Belt
    One of the best options to secure your pup for car rides is a seat belt - but not your normal one. When you take your pup on car rides, whether they are long rides or short, get your dog a seat belt harness. The perfect solution for all sizes of well-behaved pups, this harness will help secure your dog in one position with a strap that clicks into the seat belt. Just keep an eye on your pup and ensure they haven't chewed through the harness during your trip.

  2. Put Your Dog In A Crate
    Perfect for those confident and relaxed dogs, a crate ensures that your dog is comfortable and secure for the entire trip. When choosing this option, it is essential to ensure that the crate is large enough, giving your dog enough room to stand up and turn around in.

  3. Use A Dog Guard
    Does your dog like to constantly move around, always needing to see you? Then, for car rides, you might want to try using a dog guard. A dog guard is a partition that you put between your car seats and the car's trunk. Not only does this ensure your dog is safe your entire trip, but it also ensures that your dog cannot easily enter the passenger area of your car.

  4. Try A Back Seat Hammock
    Do you have an older dog that might want to lie down during a car ride? Try a backseat hammock! Perfect for dogs of all ages, but for older dogs, a backseat hammock protects them from falling off the seat and prevents them from climbing into the front seat.

  5. Install A Backseat Barrier
    If you have a bigger dog struggling to relax when restrained, it might be time to install a backseat barrier. This barrier, when securely attached, will help keep your dog in the backseat in case you brake suddenly.

So, remember, when you want to hit the road for a road trip or errands with your dog, ensure they are secured safely in your vehicle - just like you would for any other passenger.