How to Keep Your Dog Safe During COVID-19

Oct 15, 2020     |      Sophie's Circle

Are you concerned about your dog contracting or spreading COVID-19? We have great news! There are some easy steps you can take to reduce your furry friend's risk of coming into contact with potentially harmful pathogens. Check out these quick tips that can offer peace-of-mind to pet owners, foster families, and our adoption applicants during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Stay Home When Possible
Essential errands, safe activities, and work may lure you out in public, but the CDC recommends staying home whenever possible. This suggestion extends to the family members of the four-legged variety in your home as well. Don't get us wrong! We love our best friends to come shop with us at the hardware store or pick out their favorite treats at the pet store. However, staying home when you can as well as leaving your dog in his own safe space while you are out is the best way to reduce his exposure to potentially harmful pathogens like COVID-19. If staying home brings you and your dog the boredom blues, try teaching your eager canine new skills or play an exciting game of fetch or hide-the-toy. Dogs also make excellent reading buddies!

Reduce Exposure Outdoors
When you do leave the home for walks or pursue some outdoor fun away from home, you can limit your dog's risk of contracting a virus simply by allowing more room in between you and those around you. Unfortunately, this includes politely passing on pet interaction with fellow dog fans. We will admit this seems a bit rude and unnatural at times as it goes against mom's teachings and a few of our favorite reasons to own a dog. But, by practicing safe distancing and maintaining at least six feet or more from those around you, you can breathe easier knowing you have done what you can to remain safe with your pet while in a public during a pandemic.  

Use Pet-Safe Cleaning Products
Before you stock up on more bleach and other harsh chemicals to sanitize the hard surfaces in your home including your dog's crate, remember this virus can be removed with soap, water, and about 20 seconds of scrubbing. In fact, the CDC and the FDA encourage the use of soap and water over hand sanitizer to reduce the risk of toxins being absorbed into the skin. Therefore, consider pet-safe non-toxic cleaning solutions as an effective alternative.

Wash Your Hands Often!
On that cleaning note, be sure to give all the surfaces of your hands a good 20-second scrub before and after eating, drinking, and petting your dog. Eating or touching your face after petting your dog is like touching any surface before you eat. There is always a risk of germs, even on your dog's ultra-cuddly soft fur, and the reverse is equally true!

Add More Bathtime Fun!
While we are discussing cleaning products and routines, this might be the perfect time to chat about baths. Some dogs love them and others look at the bathtub or hose as their enemy #2 surpassed only by the evil vacuum cleaner! That said, bathtime is a key step to rinsing away the pathogens that were collected on your dog from being out in public, not to mention the accumulated dirt. Hence, use our bath guide to turn bathtime into fun time for your hesitant pooch!

Make Feeding Time COVID-Proof
Just as you would not want the chef at your local restaurants sneezing or touching your food with dirty hands, such rules also apply when serving your four-legged friend's meals. Properly cooked and stored food is also critical to keeping your dog healthy. Such simple steps can have a big impact on warding off the bacteria no one invited to dinner!

Thus, whether you are planning to adopt or foster a dog during the COVID-19 pandemic or you already have a best friend, there are only a few basic care changes to keep in mind for improved safety from the virus such as implementing social distancing and staying home more. Hand washing, cleaning with pet-safe products, and safely storing or serving your dog's food are always a good idea for safe practices. If you are ready to get all the benefits of dog ownership as a foster host or an adoption applicant, we have several super cute rescues waiting to be matched with someone just like you! Browse our waiting dogs or fill-out our foster form to take that next step to getting more happy tail wags in your life!