Signs Your Cat Loves You

There is a terrible stereotype that cats don’t love their owners but are merely roommates that don’t pay rent. However, as any crazy cat lady will tell you, this is far from true. Cats have many ways of showing affection and love to you, you just have to know which signs to look for. If your cat is displaying any of the traits below, you are a well-loved human.

4 Ways to Connect with Your Pet Every Day

Since many of us have jobs that take us away from home, it can be difficult to make sure that we connect with our fur babies each and every day. The stresses of life and a career and managing our schedules can sometimes get in the way of our relationship with our pets. It can be difficult to put aside enough time to make them feel loved and get the emotional connection they crave. However, there are small ways we can communicate love to our pets every day that will only take a few minutes but will translate into years of love and affection.

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