Breaking the Rules to Keep Your Dog Cool this Summer

Jul 15, 2019     |      Sophie's Circle

A husky and an owner enjoying the beach by the ocean.You have finally found your new furry best friend at your local shelter, and you can't wait to take your dog on every outing over the summer! We understand. That's why we wanted to give you some safety tips to help your dog stay cool in the hot summer months so that he will be able to keep up with the many adventures the two of you will share both now and hopefully for many years to come. But, we have to warn you. This may mean breaking some rules. So, get ready to challenge the social graces of your childhood in the name of a safer summer!

Drink From A Bowl
Most dogs love the car rides with their families. They get to experience new sights, sounds and smells with each trip. Best of all, dogs are happiest when they stay with their pack, especially their pack leader. However, they can easily get overheated in the car or on walks because they do not have sweat glands and they have an extra layer of warmth with their coat. Therefore, we suggest you carry a reuseable compact water bowl and a stainless steel thermos with plenty of ice cubes for them to have cold water while away from home. You can refill the water along the way, but having the ice cubes in a stainless steel thermos will help the replinished water supply temperature drop fast for a refreshing drink.

Stay ON the Grass!
You've probably heard "Keep off the grass!" your entire life. Humans wearing shoes should absolutely help our natural areas and well-manicured lawns stay protected. For a dog who is out walking in the hotter times of the day, however, staying on grass and off the sizzling pavement is a much safer plan. It would be like taking off your shoes and socks to walk on the pavement. Ouch! You will likely be stepping over to the grass fairly quickly! Just make sure you pick up after your dog to avoid the spread of disease and bacteria as well as practicing good social and environmental manners so that all may enjoy the natural areas. You can find biodegradable baggies here.

Wet Blankets Wanted!
After playing sports, you probably enjoy wiping your forehead with a towel. Now, imagine having fur and that towel has been saturated in cold ice water. That would probably feel pretty good on a hot day! So, while we do not advise you to be a Debbie Downer or Party Pooper, literal wet blankets can actually be very cool!

No Swimsuit Required 
Now, clearly, we are referring to the dog here. But, yes, he does not need a swimsuit to enjoy a good dip in the pool, ocean or lake. In fact, many breeds of dogs even have webbing between their toes to pursue game in the water. This makes them great swimmers, and highly entertaining jumpers. Throw a ball or other floating fetch toy into the water, and watch them soar!

Have a little guy who is unable to stay afloat? In that case, we suggest a wading pool like this foldable pet bath you can take with you wherever you go. What we like about this type of product is you do not need to inflate the pool and it is easy to drain, dry and toss in the cargo space of your car.

Sleep In
Well, technically speaking, most dogs can sleep anytime they like as long as they are not eating, walking, playing or training. Although a little pricier than the cold towels, this self-charging cooling mat can become a welcomed part of your dog's resting routine during the summer months to avoid getting too hot.

Eat Your Ice Cream First
While your mom may approve of the dessert before the meal mentality for you, giving your dog healthy frozen treats in the middle of the day will be great for your four-legged best friend! Plus, it's really fun to watch them lick the treat and try to get to the hidden frozen peas or kibble trapped inside. One word of caution, chewing ice can break your dog's teeth. Instead, try these simple ice-free homemade recipes.

There are so many fun ways to enjoy the summer with your adopted buddy, even in the hotter parts of the day. Certainly, we always like to suggest planning early morning and late afternoon activities whenever possible. That said, we realize there are times when going out in the heat may be the only option. For times such as these, we hope the above rule-breaking suggestions will help your dog stay cool and ready for all that the day brings! To find more dogs who need a caring owner like you, check out our list of adoption-ready friends here.