How to Stop Your Dog From Eating Poop

Everyone poops, including dogs, but some dogs seem to confuse feces with food which leaves pet owners to wonder what causes this behavior and what they can do to stop it from continuing. Here are 5 easy steps to take to help your dog avoid developing this unsanitary habit as well as break the pattern once it has begun.

Planning to Adopt a Dog? How to Know if You are Ready

Dogs often fall into the low-maintenance pets category, but they do have some basic needs to consider. If you are excited about helping a dog find his or her forever home with you yet not sure you are ready for the added responsibility, take this easy challenge. to see if the timing is right to adopt your next furry best friend. 

Dog Safety Tips for Young Children

Young children are naturally drawn to dogs. It's as if they can sense that dogs are often loyal, affectionate, and always ready for the next adventure! Of course, as with any animal, there are some safety measures to keep in mind. Use this checklist to ensure each encounter is a happy one for your young children and their furry friends.

Top Winter Treat Recipes Your Dog will Love!

While many store-bought dog treats work great in a pinch for a tasty reward for good behavior or a quick snack, there is no substitute for homemade dog-approved nibbles like these. Whether you use them to rotate flavors, better manage ingredients, or save on added expenses, one thing is for sure. Your dog will appreciate how delicious treat rewards can be!