7 Reasons to Foster a Dog

Oct 01, 2020     |      Sophie's Circle

Child in a field hugging a Labrador retrieverHave you wondered if fostering is right for you? Being part of a rescue dog’s life is easy through our beloved foster program at Sophie’s Circle. Here are 7 of the top reasons you are going to love volunteering your home and opening your heart to a furry friend in need!

  1. Feels so Good to Give Back!
    The most obvious reason fostering a dog is that warm fuzzy deep-down feeling you get when you help an animal who would otherwise be stuck in a kennel surrounded by distressing sights, smells, and sounds or worse! Most dogs dropped at the pound and humane society are there through no fault of their own. There are a large number of reasons people are no longer able to care for their dogs, and foster care providers are an excellent temporary solution during their relocation process to a new forever home.

  2. Emotional Support for Tough Days!
    When you go through a challenging or stressful day, there are few things that are more uplifting than a happy tail wag or a dog’s friendly face waiting to greet you when you get home. Instantly, you are reminded someone loves you, is happy you are home and thinks you are one awesome human! Having a dog in your home is like living with both your greatest fan and a healthy distraction from your troubles.

  3. Short-Term Commitment!
    Are you wanting to adopt a dog yet concerned about the long-term commitment with your future travel plans or job relocation opportunities? You are not alone. Many dog owners adopt their pets and then find themselves in a more demanding job or they move to a new living arrangement that does not allow pets. Since the goal of a fostering caregiver is to temporarily give a dog a loving home until he is matched with an owner, you can enjoy the best of both worlds as you are able to have a blast with your canine buddy while he is staying with you before being free once more to move into other directions in your life after he is adopted.

  4. Make Friends!
    All that good you are doing in your foster dog’s life coupled with his excellent listening skills, long walks, and warm cuddles often make for the foundation of a beautiful friendship! So, go ahead and take loads of pics and clips to share with your loved ones about the foster dogs who earned a special place in your heart.

  5. Play Matchmaker!
    Saving a dog from the pound makes a huge difference! But, our foster care providers also take that rescue a step further by assisting with the adoption process as the dogs are matched with the right owners. After all, would you rather get information on a dog from what was listed in a report at the pound or from someone who has spent quality time getting to know the dog’s behavioral patterns in different social settings?

  6. Craft Your Dog Wishlist!
    As you foster each dog, you can begin to develop a sense of which personalities, grooming needs, exercise levels, and behavioral traits fit best with your lifestyle. The more dogs you foster, the more information you can glean to make the day you are ready to adopt a dog of your own a smoother transition. Of course, like many of our volunteers, don’t be surprised if you find your foster dog is the perfectly placed pet for you!

  7. All Those Health Benefits!
    Whether you have a foster dog or you adopt a dog of your own, the health benefits abound! From lowering your blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides to reducing your risk of a stroke and heart disease, caring for a dog is one of the best things you can do for your health and well-being, not to mention your social life!

In conclusion, becoming a part of our foster program is an excellent way to care for dogs in need while receiving so much in return! We are incredibly thankful to our network of volunteers who give our rescues a chance to live in a loving home while waiting for permanent placement. To start being part of such a worthy and rewarding cause, simply fill out our foster application or contact us with your questions. We cannot wait to start working with you in this exciting new venture that will make lasting impressions both you and your temporarily placed canine companion are sure to cherish!