7 Reasons to Adopt a Large Breed Dog

Dec 14, 2019     |      Sophie's Circle

A little girl with a chocolate Labrador retriever in the grassWhile dogs of all sizes offer a myriad of benefits such as warm cuddles and tail-wagging greetings, you may be surprised to learn that owning a large breed dog can improve your world in ways you had not yet imagined. In fact, the larger dogs are often preferred to smaller dog breeds when a calm companion is required or a specific task is needed. Read on to discover how large breed dogs are so much more than their size.

1) The Best Security 
First, let's talk about the obvious benefit of bringing a large breed dog into your home, security. Police say a dog is better protection than a house alarm. The deep sounding bark of a dog that could potentially do some significant damage to the human body if provoked or if the dog is a protective breed is enough to scare off even the most seasoned criminals. On the other hand, people often fear getting larger dogs for security because they worry their dogs might attack or be overly protective when welcomed visitors come in the home. Great news! If well-cared for and trained properly, most large breed dogs are actually more like oversized cuddle buddies. The running joke about Labradors, for example, is they will more likely help the burglars load the truck than attack. Of course, the criminal doesn't know that fact when listening to the ferocious sounding bark and this is a good thing because it helps to keep your home and your family safe. 

2) Calm and Relaxed Indoors 
People often mistakingly associate large breed dogs in general with lots of furniture chewing and jumping on visitors. Like all size dogs, large breed puppies and young adults can have some serious spunk! Thankfully, many of the large breeds are easily trained to become calm and relaxed. Daily training routines only take about 15 to 20 minutes, and most learn quickly. With or without proper training, larger dogs can still calm down enough to make excellent house pets usually by three years old. This means older adult dogs waiting to be adopted could soon become your best friend as they are already past the high energy stage. However, younger large breed dogs with a little time and patience usually settle down as well. 

3) Fabulous with People and Children
The term gentle giants often comes to mind with many large breeds. Great Danes, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Bullmastiffs, English Mastiffs, Newfoundlands, Greyhounds, Saint Bernards, Leonbergers, Great Pyrenees, Irish Wolfhounds, Standard Poodles, Golden Retrievers, and Labrador Retrievers are some examples of large breeds that are widely known to be super friendly and great with small children! Although not quite as sizeable as some of these breeds, the medium-sized Siberian Huskies are another excellent choice for families seeking a loving furry friend.

4) Ready to Assist!
You may already know most working service dogs are large breed dogs, such as Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Saint Bernards, and non-shedding breed blends like Labradoodles. These dogs were bred for a purpose initially that became so much more useful than originally dreamed. For example, Retrievers are easily trained on a lengthy array of helpful tasks like opening a door and leading someone with difficulty seeing across a busy street. They also assist with seizure detection and calming nervous patients at medical clinics. German Shepherds have a stellar reputation as police dogs. Saint Bernards and members of the hound variety are wonderful search and rescue dogs. 

5) Less Noise 
Another common misconception is large breeds are noisy and will upset the neighbors. This is really more to do with the care of a dog. If you have the quality time to spend with your loyal four-legged buddy and your dog is properly cared for in your home, it is less likely he or she will be disturbing the neighbors with the exception of times when you may want your dog to bark such as when someone walks up to your door. As stated before, most large breeds are fairly calm and somewhat lazy until you are ready to walk or go for a run. That said, there are some exceptions, naturally, as with all sizes of dogs such as breeds that are not as easily housebroken and are more outdoor-oriented dogs. When left outside unattended, your loyal protector may alert you to the smells, sights and sounds nearby. If this is a concern, it may be best to search for a breed that housetrains easily for an indoor pet.

6) Keeping Up is No Sweat!
When you need a fitness partner, you want a dog that can keep the pace and go the distance! Don't get us wrong. Carrying a smaller dog in a backpack or harness is nothing short of adorable for around town. But, if you are trying to get healthy, that extra weight can really slow you down, depending on your fitness goals. Therefore, larger dogs can be more helpful when you are challenging yourself with that extra mile. 

7) More to Hug
Sometimes life can bring you down. On those days, there are few things in this world better than coming home to your furry best friend that is always happy to see you, never blames you, and does not ever second guess your fashion sense. On the other hand, not all dogs are made for hugs. Some breeds enjoy affectionate petting and hugging more than others. Luckily, most large breeds come with a hugging option included that makes the stressors of the day melt away.

Thus, while every dog has a special place in our hearts, no matter the size or breeding background, our hope is that families will begin to take a second look at some of our adoptees who are mid to large-sized yet lovingly calm in nature. Of course, as with all breeds of any size, selecting the individual dog for your exercise level, grooming and training abilities, and overall personality can help you determine which dog is the right fit for your home since each dog has his or her own unique personality just like humans. Learn more about all of our dogs waiting for a new family by visiting our adoption page on this site and clicking on the "Adoptable Pets" link. Happy adopting!