6 Water Safety Tips All Dog Owners Should Know

May 15, 2023     |     

With the weather warming up and summer just around the corner, everyone is looking for a way to beat the heat and cool off - a lazy day poolside, a beach day, or a boat trip. But remember, water and dogs don't always mix well. So, when you have your fur baby in tow on all the watery adventures during these warm months, it is essential to keep them safe - because an accident can happen instantly. Here are six tips for keeping your dog safe around the water.


  1. Never Leave Your Dog Unattended Around Water
    When their dog is around water, the number 1 rule that all dog owners should follow is never to leave them unattended. And that doesn't mean just staying nearby when they are playing, splashing, and swimming in the water. Instead, make sure that you are keeping an eye on them, and watch for signs of distress, such as them tiring, struggling with currents, or if there is anything dangerous nearby.

  2. Pay Attention to Water Conditions
    If you are looking for the best way to beat the heat during the warm months, having a relaxing day soaking up vitamin D and swimming with your furry best friend is perfect. But, if you are heading to the beach or a lake, you must pay close attention to water conditions before you go and while you're there.

  3. Consider a Life Jacket
    Just like the name suggests, a life jack has the potential to be a lifesaver. Like the ones made for human use, there are life jackets for dogs. And, just like the ones we use as humans, life jackets will help your dog stay afloat when their little legs get tired out from swimming. They even make it easier to see your pup on the open water - not to mention the handles make it easier to grab your dog and haul them out of the water. Consider keeping a life jacket on your boat, in your car, or with the rest of your family's swimming supplies for those days that are perfect for enjoying the water.

  4. Take Breaks
    Lots of sun and swimming can be tiring for anyone - humans and animals alike. And just like people, your dog can experience exhaustion. So all dog owners must pay attention to their dog's energy levels, enforcing breaks throughout the day when needed - most preferably where there is shade.

  5. Rinse Off / Dry Off
    After a long day of playing in the pool or splashing around at the beach or lake, it is essential to your dog's health that you rinse them off after. Pollutants like saltwater, chlorine, and lake algae can irritate your dog's skin - and even worse, they can make your dog sick when they go to clean themselves. And remember, to prevent an ear infection, when you dry your pup off, you must do a good job around the ears.

  6. Bring Drinking Water
    Lastly, you want to be sure that you bring plenty of fresh and clean water for your dog to drink. When you are just hanging out in your backyard, enjoying your backyard pool, giving your pup water from the hose is perfectly fine. But, when you are at the beach, lake, or public pool, you must remember to bring drinkable water. This is because the water your dog is splashing and playing in is unsafe to drink. So, when your dog is tired and thirsty after a long day of playing in the water, keep them safe and hydrated with tons of fresh water.