How to Train Your Dog to Have a Potty Spot in the Yard

Training your dog to use a designated potty location in your yard can make clean-up activities a breeze as well as prevent messy and unsanitary mishaps. If you have ever had to remove doggy waste from your shoe, you know the hazards of running through a yard to play a game of tag. But, what if your dog only uses a small section for his own private bathroom? Find out how easy it can be to train your dog to do just that!

5 Reasons Great Dogs are Often Found in Shelters

If you are trying to decide between getting a dog from a breeder or a shelter, we have five reasons why adopting a dog from a shelter can be the best choice for you and your family. From happy wagging tails to those friendy grateful faces, there is so much to love about a resue. Discover why the question "Who rescued who?" makes so much sense to rescue owners! 

Choosing the Right Companion Dog for Your Senior Dog

Getting a senior dog a furry companion can be a good idea for both your dog and your family. The challenge is finding the right timing and temperament to allow everyone to embrace the joys of a growing pack. Use these five tips to help make the transition to a multiple dog family a smooth one for your current dog, your family, and your newest pet addition!