5 Surprising Places you can Take Your Dog

Oct 15, 2019     |      Sophie's Circle

Apple store iPhone displayMeeting friends for lunch or running errands does not have to mean leaving your dog at home. That's right! Your dog can say goodbye to hot parked cars or lengthy stays in the dog crate. Check out these five surprising dog-friendly places that welcome you to bring your pooch with you when you come.

  1. Restaurants with an Outdoor Patio 
    When you plan a weekend lunch date or drinks with friends, you might think that means Max has to stay home in his crate while you are away. In fact, many restaurants offer outdoor patio seating during warmer months that allow your canine companion to chill beside his favorite human. With a freshly filled water dish for Max and a favorite lunch dish for you, this afternoon could be exactly the type of excuse you both needed to leave the house. Just be sure to ask the hostess or wait staff for permission before taking a seat as some restaurants may have a no-pets policy.  
  2. Home Improvement Stores
    Nail gun? Got it. Kitchen appliances? Check. Wait, is that man's best friend strolling down the plumbing aisle? Yes, it is! Dogs are graciously accepted at home improvement centers, well that is as long as concrete flooring is not a thing for your pooch. Now, you can browse the lumber selection, have some paint mixed, and pick up a few plants for your garden while spending quality time with your furry bestie. You can even measure for that new dog bowl holder you have been planning to build while in the store. The possibilities for home improvement adventures are endless!
  3. Craft Stores
    Are you one of those crafty sorts who always has a project to sew, stitch or upcycle? Did you know a lot of crafting stores allow dogs? So, next time you need an opinion on the right fabric print to choose for your dog's new bedding, you can find out which one your dog prefers before buying it. Oh, and you can see which paints match the color of his fur and eyes for that portrait you were planning to create! There are so many projects and such little time. But, at least you will get to spend these moments prioritizing your creative ideas together as you sift through loads of awesome DIY materials.
  4. Mall Stores
    We tend to think of the mall as a place where nearly everything you can think of related to human clothing, accessories, and food can be found in one location. However, stores such as Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Lush, Pottery Barn, The Gap, Old Navy, Barns and Noble, and Apple can become places of wonder you can share with your well-behaved dogs as well. Take your best friend to search for a new pair of boots, purchase a gift bag of bath goodies, browse the home accessory selections, buy a comfy hoodie, shop the latest in tech gear, or kick back with a good book. How is this possible? Certain mall stores are realizing that shopping with one's dog means the consumer does not have to leave the store to let the dog out at home. While all stores and store locations have not yet adopted this philosophy, you can call ahead or check the rules online for your favorites to see which ones have caught on to this ingenious marketing plan. Be sure to also ask about the mall itself as policies can be different for stores and the mall interiors. 

  5. Discount Stores
    Have you recently passed by a shopping cart with a dog sitting where a child normally does in your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls? That is because these stores often allow dog owners to peruse the aisles of clothing, shoes, accessories, home goods, knick knacks and whatnots with their loyal canine in tow. You could even luck out and find a great deal on a pet sling or a shoulder pet carrier there to use on your errands! Double score!

Adopting a dog should bring joy at home, but also when you are out and about. With a little extra digging to learn the pet policy at your local stores and restaurants, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover the myriad of opportunities available to share your shopping and dining fun together. Try a new store each day to find your dog's favorite. As always, please remember to adhere to leash and waste pick-up policies so these and other stores will be able to continue to expand this fabulous courtesy for dogs and their owners for years to come! Hip-hip-hooray for surprisingly dog-friendly places!