5 Reasons to Give a Charitable Gift to Sophie's Circle

Sep 01, 2020     |      Sophie's Circle

Two volunteers are showcasing a pug for adoption in an outdoor settingAs you may imagine with the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for charitable gifts at Sophie's Circle has never been greater. But, what does it mean to contribute a donation to our organization? Find out why your dollars may be going to a bigger cause than you know with these five examples of how gifting to us can benefit our community.

  1. Cover Costs Associated With Rescues
    The first thing your contribution goes towards is helping us pay to rescue those dogs in need of a home from the nearby shelters. These adorable canines do not necessarily have aggressive or unwanted behaviors. Some are in the shelters because their owners had to move or their owners can no longer provide proper care for them. Also, there are ways to correct many of the unwanted behaviors with positive reinforcement and a few training tips. All dogs require a little time, consistency, and patience to train them to become the furry best friends we imagined they could be. The great news is dogs want to be that for you! More than anything in this world, they want your love and attention! OK, well, maybe not above their treats. But, your praise and companionship are definitely at the top of their wishlist! 

  2. Offer Food to the Hungry
    Hunger is hard to discuss. But, stay with us because this hard topic has brought our community together in a special way. We at Sophie's Circle acknowledge that there are families who are going hungry daily, and the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many people losing their jobs and homes making matters much worse. This is especially the case for dogs. After all, how can you feed your pet when you cannot feed yourself or your children? As a result of this and other difficult challenges families face, many loving dogs are being placed in shelters or left to fend for themselves in the streets. Such a separation or lack of care can have a devastating effect on both dogs and humans alike!

    That's why we created Sophie's Circle Dog Food Pantry. Our mission is to be dedicated to "making the world a better place for animals and the humans that love them". For us, this means building and maintaining the only dog food pantry in Volusia County. We have been blessed with volunteers and community cheers ever since we first opened our pantry to those in need in an effort to keep that special bond going between owners and their canine companions. It warms our hearts to see so many dogs receiving the food they needed to stay healthy, remain with their families, and continue to provide their owners with plenty of grateful licks and cuddles.

  3. Give the Gift of Emotional Support!
    In other words, we believe dogs should be able to live with their owners whenever possible, even when times are financially challenging. On that note, it could be said times of hardship are when you need a furry friend the most! Dogs have been found to significantly reduce anxiety, lower stress levels, and improve our quality of life. By donating to Sophie's Circle, you are part of this healing experience and the many benefits dog ownership brings.

  4. Reduce the Number of Dogs in Shelters
    By supplying those in need with dog food and helping with training and related services, our donors and volunteers are able to make a difference in both pet owners' lives as well as our area shelters by decreasing the number of dogs that require new homes or euthanization. If you wander down the long row of kennels in a nearby shelter and inquire about the dogs waiting for new homes, then you will soon discover the majority are there through no fault of their own. Hence, in addition to helping dogs remain out of such kennels and with their current owners through our dog food pantry service, your donation helps us to place stray or surrendered pets with quality fostering adults where they receive the praise and attention they deserve plus spaying and neutering services to prevent genetic diseases and unwanted litters.

  5. Help Place Dogs With Our Amazing Fosters
    Speaking of our foster families, for those dogs who are searching for an owner to love them, we are bursting with pride to partner with this ever-growing group of nurturing adults who are willing to socialize and care for misplaced dogs until that perfect match is found. We are so grateful for all our volunteer foster parents who work with our adorable canines and provide valuable insight for their adoption pages. If you love dogs and would like to make one or two very lucky four-legged friends happy while they wait for a forever home, please donate to our dog food pantry or reach out to speak with us about our foster care program.

Thus, it may be the happy way they wag their tails when they greet you or the comfort they bring to a difficult day, but dogs hold a strong bond with their humans no financial status should break. When dogs are surrendered by their owners, they should receive an opportunity to feel loved and properly care for while awaiting adoption in a foster home environment. If you agree with these statements, please join us in our efforts to make a difference in the lives of our fellow community members as well as dogs without homes. Donate, foster, volunteer, or adopt with us today!