5 Reasons to Adopt a Dog for Dad this Father's Day

Jun 01, 2019     |      Sophie's Circle

a dad sitting with a rescueIf your husband, father or father-in-law is experiencing depression, high stress levels or a decrease in physical activity, it might be time to consider adopting a dog for a Father's Day. In this article, we will explore how adopting a canine friend can add a sense of purpose, independence and structure to one's daily life as well as relieve tension and anxiety. Read on to find out if a great dad in your life might benefit from a new furry best friend.

  1. Tail Wag Greetings
    Is there anything more heart warming than coming home to a dog's friendly face and happy tail wag? All of a sudden, your work or relationship troubles seem to melt away for the moment because you realize you are loved and appreciated by at least one best friend who never seems to notice you are not perfect. As far as he is concerned, you can do no wrong. You are top dog, the leader of the pack, and the alpha in his eyes. When everything feels like it is falling apart, you make a costly error, or people you love and respect say hurtful things, you can always count on your dog to lift your spirits by just sitting with you and being glad you are home with him. 

  2. Be More On-The-Go
    But, being happier at home is only part of the fun benefits of owning a dog. We all have lulls in our physical fitness regimen. However, did you know a dog can help? Just by having set feeding, walking, training, and play times outside, owning a dog changes our sedentary tendencies into a more active lifestyle.

    The American Heart Association suggests getting about 22 to 43 minutes of daily exercise. Of course, the length of time recommended for each dog's daily exercise routine depends on the age, breed, health and size of the dog, along with the owner's physical fitness level. However, just two 12-minute strolls down the street per day can do a world of good for both Fido and Dad.

  3. Chatting with Neighbors
    Your dad's mood is lifting already with the added companionship and exercise, but let's not stop there. Humans are social beings by nature, and feeling isolated can have as much of a negative impact on your health as smoking 15 cigarettes per day! Dogs can help with that too by forcing owners to interact with other people on their daily walks. Just try to walk your well-behaved dog past neighbors and even strangers without having at least one canine fan speak to you about your pet. True, this can add time to the walks, though we would argue the time is well spent when it reduces the feeling of isolation thereby improving one's overall health.

  4. Goodbye Stress 
    No one likes a show-off, except maybe when that show-off is a trick performing pet! We mentioned walking a "well-behaved dog" for a reason. If you want your dad to get rid of stressors in his life while relaxing at home, training his smart pup for only 15 minutes per day may be the ideal task he needs to take his mind off of his troubles. Plus, training adds to his time spent staying active and increases his sense of accomplishment and enjoyment as his dog learns to obey his commands.

    Moreover, if the happy duo is checking off the basic command list quickly and seem up for continued work on tackling new commands together, the sky is the limit on tricks they can work towards mastering. You might suggest pet therapy training, agility training, or disability training. Where once viewed as a chore, training time, along with daily walks, could become something to look forward to doing each day. 

  5. Hello Independence
    When dads are young, they feel more like the heroes they are to us. Everything seems easier, and the world is at their feet. As they age, they may begin having more difficulties with everyday undertakings, such as mowing the lawn or driving. Having small activities in their routines they can accomplish without help like taking a dog for a walk can result in a huge improvement in their self esteem and sense of freedom and independence. 

In short, assuming your husband, dad or father-in-law enjoys the company of dogs and has the means to stay home to properly care for one, giving him a rescued dog for Father's Day just might be the best present he ever receives for a his health, happiness, and self-esteem. Chat with our team about our simple adoption process and learn more about this wonderful gift. We love to hear stories of how these rescues have improved the lives of individuals and families. Take the challenge to get healthier each day by adopting a new best friend, and we will look forward to hearing your success story soon!