5 Reasons Springtime is the Best Season for Dog Adoptions

Apr 15, 2021     |      Sophie's Circle

A woman is with her rescue dog in a field at springtimeIt's springtime, and you know what that means! This is the best season for ramping up your time outside with your newly adopted fur baby. Check out these five reasons why adopting a dog this season is the best decision you'll make all year!

Dogs Offer Motivation to Get Moving!
It's not too hot, not too cold, and just the right temperature for taking long walks or going on a run outdoors. But, wouldn't you feel more motivated to exercise if you had your very own adorable coach who signals you when it's time to shut off the electronics and take in some fresh air? There is nothing like that sweet face and excited prancing to make us overcome obstacles like being tired and get moving. This is why owning a dog is so wonderful for your health! 

Springtime Walks are More Interesting With Dogs! 
If you are a self-starter, you may already be in a great workout routine. However, having a dog gives you a reason to take more time to look around and notice changes in the world around you as he sniffs each leaf along the way or entertains you with his happy prance. Yes, this is the season when the grass is starting to green up and the flowers are just beginning to bloom during this time of year. Suddenly, you find life slows down a bit so that you can catch your breath as you see the changes in nature or even begin to pay attention to some of the new businesses in your area you never noticed before. Maybe you take time to sit on a park bench along your route or bring a blanket and a picnic or snack to enjoy more of the fresh springtime colorful sights and fragrant aromas. Dogs have a funny way of reminding us that we sometimes need to take a break and soak in all that life has to offer.

Warmer Weather Means More Outdoor Fun!
Long strolls not your thing? Use this springtime weather advantage to go camping, hike a new trail, or teach your dog to jog alongside your bike as you circle the block. You can also teach your dog to catch a soft frisbee or tennis ball, train him to do tricks that belong in the circus or on a television show, or take him to the beach during dog-friendly hours to play in the seafoam. Once summer hits, the sun heats up the daytime and limits these grand adventures to mornings and late afternoons. Therefore, it's ideal to adopt your dog now while you can to play outdoors all day!

Meeting New Friends is Easier With a Dog by Your Side!
More people will be outdoors during the spring season, which means there will be more opportunities to make new friends and meet your neighbors. While safe distancing rules still apply, many people passing you on the street or sitting near you at the park will want to comment on how cute your dog is or ask you questions about him. Conversations about dogs are excellent ice breakers and give people a reason to chat and introduce themselves. Those new to the area or you are a bit on the shy side will notice dogs have a way of making you feel more confident and comfortable speaking with the locals. We're guessing it's because they typically love everyone and have no opinions about the shirt you are wearing or how you wear your hair. Dogs only care about how you treat others. If you are kind and have treats in your pocket, you're a friend who deserves licks and tail wags. 

More Home Improvement Projects
You may be thinking of your spring cleaning "To Do" list around the home and wondering if getting a dog will be too much effort. It might sound contradictory, but dogs actually make for great company while performing those home improvement or cleaning projects! The few minutes you take away from your task at hand to let him outside, clean up a quick mess, or toss the ball is well worth the companionship you find. That's because he'll stay close by to watch you long after the humans in your home have lost interest and he'll give you equally supportive snuggles whether you left your task looking like a professional was in the house or it's going to need a professional to stop by later to finish the job.

Looking for Your Springtime Friend?
We're so glad you agree with us that spring is the best time of year to adopt a new best friend. View our current list of adoptees waiting for their forever homes right on our adoption page. Please keep in mind our list is updated regularly as new dogs are rescued from shelters or surrendered. So, if you don't see the one you've been searching for, check back soon! Your springtime or any time of the year fur baby is out there and he or she is going to show you all the reasons why life is so much sweeter with a dog!