5 Reasons Great Dogs are Often Found in Shelters

Apr 01, 2021     |      Sophie's Circle

A woman is crouching to face her Siberian Husky on the beachIf you are trying to decide between getting a dog from a breeder or a shelter, we have five reasons why adopting a dog from a shelter can be the best choice for you and your family. From happy wagging tails to those friendy grateful faces, there is so much to love about a resue. Discover why the question "Who rescued who?" makes so much sense to rescue owners!  

What Makes a Dog Such a Great Pet?
The ability to develop trust, stunts on command, excellent listening skills, and a comforting presence is just part of what makes dogs the pet of choice for many individuals and families. But, dogs are far more than just furry friends. They are our protectors, exercise partners, and social directors. In fact, they have even been found to lower their owners' blood pressure and boost their owners' health in a variety of ways. So, why would these amazing animals be abandoned in shelters by their original owners? We'll give you five reasons that great dogs may be surrendered due to no fault of his or her own and what you can do that will change both a dog's life and yours for the better. 

  1. A Change in Circumstances
    The heartbreaking surrender a beloved family pet is often due to a drastic change in the owner's living situation. This could mean the owner was relocated for work or health and could not find a pet-friendly place to live, the owner was fired or laid off from work, or the owner picked up a longer shift at work leaving the dog to stay alone for too long without company. These dogs are excellent pets who were simply unable to remain in their loving homes through no fault of their own and would be so grateful to find a stable furever home.

    Sophie's Circle was developed to help put an end to such reasons for separating a great dog from his home and family. Together with support from our community, volunteers, and sponsors, we supply dog food and more to owners who are in need of some financial assistance. Want to get involved? There are three ways you can become part of this positive experience to keep dogs in caring homes and out of shelters: (A) Adopting one of our beautiful fur babies, (B) Joining our foster program, and (C) Showing your support through donations of dog food and related items or financial support. 

  2. Inexperience 
    Another issue that frequently results in dogs being taken to the shelter that could be corrected with some assistance is due to a lack of training experience. Dog owners must be willing to spend time earning their dog's trust and teaching them how to behave in their homes, around guests, and out in public. Positive reinforcement, distraction, and treat training are all superb methods used to instruct our fur babies on what we as humans expect of them. It just takes time, patience, and the willingness to put forth the effort required to show dogs the way to our hearts.

    At Sophie' Circle, we use a foster program to build our dogs' confidence and social skills before placing them up for adoption. This way, our volunteers can better ensure newby owners can find the right fit canine companion. Plus, many of our sweet adoptees come house-broken, socialized, and ready to adapt to most home environments!

  3. Allergies Became too Strong
    We get it. Allergies are no joke for those who have severe reactions to dogs. Unfortunately, dog owners do not always know they are allergic prior to a dog adoption. This is because allergies can develop over time or this is the first dog that owner has ever had in the home. Also, many people are under the false impression that there are hypoallergenic breeds. While there are dogs who do not shed often, there is no such thing as a truly "hypoallergenic" dog. Therefore, there are some incredibly loveable dogs who must find new homes when their owners have severe allergy attacks. 

  4. Unusual Medical Expenses
    Dogs are living animals that require checkups and medical treatment at times, just like humans. This expense should be added to any pet budget prior to adoption. Additionally, there should be a rainy day fund for any unforeseeable medical expenses that go beyond the expected routine costs. Unfortunately, not all dog owners prepare for such occasions and they feel they have to surrender their pets when they require surgeries or ongoing mediations that push their care over budget. 

    This is another example of where your support of Sophie's Circle can benefit our community. By adopting a surrendered dog in need of a home, fostering a loyal fur baby through our program, and/or donating to our organization, you can make a huge impact in providing much-needed assistance to these families who have heavy financial burdens as well as improve their dogs' quality of life. Will you help us keep families together with their pets through donations or accept the noble role of a surrendered dog's hero through our foster or adoption programs?

  5. Found Wandering Alone Outdoors
    We have all seen these collarless dogs at some point in our lives as they wander from person-to-person along the sidewalk looking for affection and food. They are the strays that accidentally left their yards and got lost or were left to fend for themselves on the streets by careless owners. The good news is they want to please their humans just as much as all the other great dogs in the shelters. All they need is a little of your love, time, patience, and support. 

How Can You Help These Amazing Animals?
Are you ready to accept the call to help these lovely fur babies find their purfect home match? Maybe you are interested in adopting a dog of your own or you are looking for how you can enjoy the benefits of having a dog in your home yet are not ready to adopt. Perhaps you are searching for a good cause for your charitable donations this year. If any of these descriptions is accurate, we want to meet you! Get started by browsing our ready-to-adopt fur babies on our "Adoption" page, signing up for our foster pogram on our "Become a Foster" page, or donating to support the work we are doing for animals and their families on our "Donate" page that shows our nonprofit EIN. That's right, funding Sophie's Circle is tax-deductible! Let's show these dogs and their owners that they are worth our love and assistance during their times of transition. Together with your help, it is truly possible to empty all the shelters and improve our community one dog at a time.