5 Benefits of Establishing a Daily Routine for Your Dog

Jul 01, 2020     |      Sophie's Circle

dog-with-a-ballYou may have heard your dog's veterinarian recommend a daily routine, but why? What are some of the biggest benefits of forming a daily routine with that special canine in your life? Discover how a little planning goes a long way when it comes to caring for your pet.

Ensures Good Nutrition
Did you know table scraps can lead to a long list of health complications for your dog? This is because canines have different nutritional needs than humans. So, while they may enjoy your leftover pizza, cheeseburgers, and hot dogs, such foods can put a serious strain on your dog's health. Sticking with a trusted brand of dog food or making a touted dog food recipe for you furry best friend at set times per day is his best chance for receiving the nutrition he needs without all the added diseases like those stemming from obesity and malnourishment he doesn't. 

Improves Fitness Level
Walking or running, playing, and training builds your bond with your dog while improving his fitness level. Think of it as his gym. The time spent doing each of these activities can do much more than create cherished memories as it also allows you a chance to help him get stronger, run faster, and leap higher. The best part is where humans are constantly looking for a more fun way to exercise, dogs are happy just being with you whether you are taking the same stroll route every day, running the same obstacle course, or learning some new skills in training sessions. Your dog simply wants to follow you wherever you go making you the ideal coach for his daily fitness workout.

Reduce Accidents in the House
Routines are helpful for more than eating habits and building muscle. They help dogs control have better control over their bladders and prevent accidents in your home. Dogs are living beings like humans. So, imagine you are unsure of when you will be able to go to the restroom and it has been many hours and a couple of large glasses of water since your last opportunity. At some point, you may just have to improvise as embarrassing as it is. But, if you knew you would have a chance to go to the restroom at appropriately set times per day, you might be able to hold on for that next opportunity you know is coming soon. While it may be challenging to let your dog out at the same time each day with your work schedule, the good news is there are doggy daycares and dog walkers on websites like Rover that have been background checked and customer-reviewed to provide alternative walking options when you are unavailable.

Less Anxiety 
Another great benefit for those whose dogs exhibit anxiety-link behaviors of set feeding times, walks, playtimes, training times, work times, and sleep times is your dog becomes familiar with a pattern where all his needs are met. Plus, as the exercise works out some of his frustration and energy and the time spent with you provides something he can look forward to at set times throughout the day, he has no need to get your attention with undesirable behaviors. In fact, he may begin to understand the timing so well for each scheduled event on the day's calendar he can act as your alert system by bringing you the leash or his food bowl. 

Better for Your Health
It is super cute to watch your canine companion run to greet you when you come home because he gets that you arrive home from work each day at a set time to take him on a walk. Your dog cannot wait to spend time exploring his world with you! However, these daily walks, playtimes, and training sessions do a lot for you as well. A set routine of regular exercise including tasks such as these has been shown to result in such amazing health benefits as lowering blood pressure, assisting with weight management efforts, and giving your mood a boost! 

Therefore, as you plan out your day, be sure your loveable four-legged bestie has an ongoing booking in your schedule for all his needs to be met while achieving some of your daily health and wellness requirements at the same time! For more care tips, visit our resources page. If you are looking for a dog to help you stay on task, check out our list of rescues waiting for an owner like you to bring them to their forever home.