5 Party Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Dec 15, 2020     |      Sophie's Circle

A dog with a chess piece on his noseLet your dog entertain guests with these WOW factor party tricks! We all know about the most common commands suggested for any newly adopted four-legged fur baby. But, what if your dog has mastered those and is ready for the next level of training to showcase his talent? For those in search of tricks that will amaze, check out these seven that will leave everyone applauding for more!

Materials You'll Need
In order to begin, you will first need a clicker and some training treats. The "treats" can be pieces of your dog's kibble, veggies, small pieces of vet-approved meats or fruit, or packaged training treats. Once you have these two items, it's time to start giving instruction and be sure to include plenty of praise with all the clicks and treats. After all, these are the memorable bonding moments you'll cherish for a lifetime!

  1. Sit Still, Look Pretty!
    Calling all those with active social media posts, this is your chance for adorable pics! Have you ever wondered how dogs in the movies can beg on command with the cutest sitting poses and lifted paws? For those who are not opposed to following the treat high in the air, this can be one of the easier tricks on this list. From a position of being on the ground with your pet, slowly raise the treat above his head until he has to sit up on his hind legs to reach it. Say "Sit Still" and give him a click and a treat. Over time, you can hold the treat longer in the air and accompany the "Sit Still" command with the "Stay" command to help him learn to stay in that position until released with an "OK".

  2. Spinning Fun!
    Much like the trick above, your dog will follow the treat wherever it goes. Why not let it lead him in a circle for a spin? Before each circle, give the "Spin" command and have him follow the treat around in a circle pattern. At the end, give him a click and a treat with lots of praise. 

  3. Fetch the Right Object Game
    This game is excellent for keeping your dog's mind sharp as you build on the number of objects you want him to bring to you. Also, for those who are disabled or in need of assistance, this game can teach your dog to help pick up small objects that have fallen on the floor or retrieve objects that are located in another part of the home. During training time, give your dog a click or a treat each time he touches his nose to the object you want to be retrieved. Then, say its name before he touches his nose to it and give him a click or a treat. Soon, he will be ready for a combination of the "fetch" command with the name of the item. Once he has this trick mastered, repeat his training with a new item until he is able to bring a few different toys or objects to you by name!

  4. Get the Door, Please
    You may think your dog is unable to help out around the house, but many can be trained to clean up toys, retrieve objects, and even open the door! To perform this trick, your dog will first have to understand the "Tug" command with a rag. Teach him the "Take It" command unless he picks up the rag on his own. Then, gently pull against him until you give the "Release" command to let go. Give a click and treat each time he releases the rag at your command. After teaching him to "Tug" the bandana, tie it to the refrigerator and give him the "Tug" command again. When he opens the door, give him a click and a treat. You can build on this trick to include fetching items such as a drink or medicine case.

  5. Close the Door, Please
    Just like opening the door, you can teach more curious dogs to close the door. Let him touch your hand with his nose while your hand is on the door. Say "Close" as he touches your hand and give him a click and a treat. Continue this at least five tries before practicing the "Close" command without your hand on the door. Each time the door moves a little, give him a click and a treat until the door is closed. 

Whichever party tricks you teach your dog, remember this all about spending quality time together and growing to trust each other. Patience is key to winning your dog's interest. If you are searching for a dog you can spend time with, we have several amazing furry friends waiting to find a forever home. Search our adoption page to find your perfect match!