5 Benefits of Adopting An Older Dog

Sep 16, 2019     |      Sophie's Circle

A senior citizen with her senior dog.Senior dogs have a lot of love to give, and you may be surprised and these other great benefits they can offer as well. Read on to learn why adopting a senior dog might be the best choice for you and your family. Just don't say we didn't warn you when you end up wanting to adopt more than one!

He Knows the Ropes
We love dogs of all breeds, sizes, shapes and ages. That said, the most well-behaved dogs tend to be older dogs who have undergone training and know what is expected of them. There are many reasons these dogs may need a new home, including the owner moving into a home where dogs are not allowed such as an assisted living center. As the result, these often well-behaved wonderfully trained canine companions are left in need of someone to love and care for them.

In return, senior dogs can become fast friends with owners who appreciate them for their nice manners. While puppies and young dogs make awesome companions when given a little time, a senior dog may prove to be the dog you envisioned without having to wait for the training and maturity to take effect. Try to think of your the dogs that you bonded with the most in your life. Chances are good you remember them in their mature stages when you recall your fond memories. This is not to say the early years are not packed full of fabulous moments you want to post on social media. However, the later years are the calm gentle years when dogs settle into their routines and stay by your side a little easier. 

Old Dogs can in fact learn New Tricks
With age comes wisdom and maturity. True, age may also bring arthritis in the joints. But, your senior dog still loves many of the things the young pups enjoy, such as playing fetch or taking a walk in the park. Challenging your dog with new sights, smells, and, yes, even tricks will be a fun part of your quality time together just as it would be with a puppy. One thing is for sure, if he does not know the command, an older dog has the attention span learn it. Depending on his home life before adoption, he may even already know really cool commands to help you around the house such as how to bring something lightweight or open lever handle doors. Such tricks come in handy for people with mobility concerns.

Your Furniture Remains in Tact 
Of course, with an older dog who knows what is expected of him, you are more likely to have fewer chewed items to replace in your household. That means your dining room table legs, favorite handbag, and Jimmy Choos are all safe from the puppy teething process. 

Often Comes with Free or Discounted Medical Care
One worry every new pet owner has is covering the cost of healthcare. This fear rings especially true for those wishing to adopt an older dog. Thankfully, many veterinarians offer to pick up part of the tab or the entire bill for selected rescues in need of on-going medical care ensuring they are not a financial burden on their owners. 

Older Dogs teach Younger Dogs
Do you have a younger dog at home? Many dogs adjust to their new homes faster with multiple dogs in the home as they are pack oriented animals by nature. Moreover, another benefit of adopting an older dog is his ability to show a younger dog how to behave in public and at home. When you see those cute dogs carrying their own leads down the sidewalk, they are not typically puppies or young adults but rather fully grown seasoned adults. The young pup you may sometimes find walking beside him is learning by watching the master. This can be especially useful for those training young dogs for service and therapy purposes or sport related activities such as agility courses. Although the mature dog may not know how to run an agility course or all the commands he needs for service yet, he will at least be able to show the young dog how to sit and pay attention. It may not seem like much to humans, but modeling the older dog's calm disposition equates to faster learning for younger dogs.

In other words, while a puppy may be the dog you hope with time and training to be the dog you want him to become, an older dog may be the dog you want him to be today. Senior dogs can be the best friend you were hoping to find while offering guidance for young dogs in training. They can be your supportive companion to boost your mood, keep you active with their daily routines, and may already be trained to give you extra help around the house, depending on his prior role in his previous home. If you are ready to adopt a dog or multiple dogs of any age, you will find a wide selection of loving adoptees waiting for your selection at our adoption page.