Sophie's Circle Newsletter - August 2019

Greetings! Hope you are enjoying the summer of 2019 so far. We are halfway through the year with over 200 adoptions in place, right on target for our yearly average. So many unwanted dogs. So many dogs with issues. We ponder this a lot and one thing we so often see is that the dog doesn't get a fair chance. An unrealistic expectation is that the dog will come to its new home and just embrace the family while running around expressing gratitude for this wonderful new beginning.

How to Choose the Best Dog for Your Family

Adopting a pet into your home can be an exciting adventure. Dogs can help lower your stress levels, reduce your risk of a heart attack or stroke, keep you active, and provide you with an endless supply of tail wags and comfort. However, if you select a dog that does not fit with your training expectations, family needs, or grooming budget, the result can be a constant state of tension instead of a growing bond. We want everyone to feel safe and happy with their adoptees. That's why we made a cheat sheet of questions for you to use when selecting the right dog for you and your family.

Breaking the Rules to Keep Your Dog Cool this Summer

You have finally found your new furry best friend at your local shelter, and you can't wait to take your dog on every outing over the summer! We understand. That's why we wanted to give you some safety tips to help your dog stay cool in the hot summer months so that he will be able to keep up with the many adventures the two of you will share both now and hopefully for many years to come. But, we have to warn you. This may mean breaking some rules. So, get ready to challenge the social graces of your childhood in the name of a safer summer!

Enjoying the Fireworks with Your Dog this 4th of July

As with any holiday, the 4th of July can bring changes to routines, new foods being dropped by guests and hosts alike, parties and community events to attend, and, of course, unusual sounds and smells. While it all sounds good to us as humans, all this excitement can result in your dog seeking safer shelter or spending some unexpected time at the local vet instead of enjoying the festivities. That's why we suggest these safety tips for the 4th of July to keep your pet tail-wagging ready for whatever the holiday brings.