The Top Smart Tech Items for Dogs in 2022

Back-to-school days are tough transitions for dogs who are used to being around their favorite little humans all day. Fortunately, these smart tech toys, gadgets, and gizmos will help to keep your four-legged family member entertained, fed, trained, and safe while the two-legged members are away.

How to Adopt a Dog from a Reputable Organization

When you are searching for a dog to adopt, there are many places to start your search online. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of scams and sellers who are not properly meeting their dogs' health needs. Use these helpful tips to locate a reputable rescue organization near you as well as find the right dog for your personality, interests, budget, and lifestyle.

The Best Dog Toys and Games for Outdoor Summer Fun

Summertime is the best time for dogs to get outside with their favorite two and four-legged friends and have a blast showcasing their talents for the high reward of praise and attention - well, maybe a few treats here and there too. Keep your dog entertained and active for hours with these top summer picks we know he or she is going to love!