The Best Dog Toys and Games for Outdoor Summer Fun

Summertime is the best time for dogs to get outside with their favorite two and four-legged friends and have a blast showcasing their talents for the high reward of praise and attention - well, maybe a few treats here and there too. Keep your dog entertained and active for hours with these top summer picks we know he or she is going to love!

7 Reasons to Keep Your Dog Inside

After making the decision to adopt an adorable furbaby for yourself, you've completed the first step in a long journey of caring for your loving companion. Now, there are new decisions to make, such as whether your dog will live outdoors or inside with the family as well as what he or she will require to stay healthy in whichever living environment you choose. But, before making your plans, be sure to include these important factors.

5 Traits to Look for When Adopting an Emotional Support Dog

Since the number of reported mental health issues are on the rise, it is no surprise that adopting and training emotional support dogs to assist with such needs as anxiety, stress, and depression is more popular than ever before. This is because the affection and companionship provided by emotional support animals (ESAs) can produce an extensive array of therapeutic benefits. But, before you adopt an ESA, keep these few important traits in mind to help you find the best fit for your mental health needs.

How Dogs Help Us Make the Most of Summer Months

We all know that dogs make loyal and faithful summer companions for those long shady hikes, early morning runs when no one else in the household is awake, or movie nights when you need a friend to share an oversized popcorn. But, adopting a furry friend over the dog days of summer can also improve your life in many other ways.