5 Party Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Let your dog entertain guests with these WOW factor party tricks! We all know about the most common commands suggested for any newly adopted four-legged fur baby. But, what if your dog has mastered those and is ready for the next level of training to showcase his talent? For those in search of tricks that will amaze, check out these seven that will leave everyone applauding for more!

Does Breed Matter for a Family Pet?

When deciding to adopt a family dog, many wonder about the differences between a pure breed, crossbreed, hybrid, designer dog, and mixed-breed. How does one determine which to choose? Check out these answers to frequently asked questions to help choose the right dog for you!

How to Socialize Your Adopted Dog

After adopting a dog, it can be tempting to introduce him to everyone you meet right away. But, too much too soon can be overwhelming. Here’s how you can make his social transition a smooth one you’ll both enjoy!

5 Tests That Make Choosing the Right Dog Easy!

Do you feel overwhelmed at the extensive number of canine pure breeds, mixed breeds, and trending hybrids available to adopt? There is an easy way to tell if you have found the right dog for your family and lifestyle. Start with these 5 tests that will show you just how simple it is to find your furry friend match!