5 Reasons Great Dogs are Often Found in Shelters

If you are trying to decide between getting a dog from a breeder or a shelter, we have five reasons why adopting a dog from a shelter can be the best choice for you and your family. From happy wagging tails to those friendy grateful faces, there is so much to love about a resue. Discover why the question "Who rescued who?" makes so much sense to rescue owners! 

Choosing the Right Companion Dog for Your Senior Dog

Getting a senior dog a furry companion can be a good idea for both your dog and your family. The challenge is finding the right timing and temperament to allow everyone to embrace the joys of a growing pack. Use these five tips to help make the transition to a multiple dog family a smooth one for your current dog, your family, and your newest pet addition!

How to Avoid Dog Adoption Scams

Adopting a dog and giving him a forever home is exciting for the whole family! But, how do you know you are not going to be scammed? Unfortunately, there are many ways people are using dog adoptions to scam the public. The good news is there are some ways to protect yourself. Use tips to vet your nonprofit agency before you send funds.

How to Care for a Dog With Anxiety

Did you recently adopt a dog with high levels of anxiety? Whether from abuse and neglect or a personality trait, some dogs display an excessive amount of stress which can lead to isolation and fear. Here are 10 steps you can take that can make a world of difference!