Indoor Dog vs Outdoor Dog Safety Tips

When weighing your decision to keep your newly adopted dog indoors or outdoors for most of the day, there are some important safety tips to consider. By taking precautions, you can better assess the amount of time outside is right for your pet and your lifestyle with peace of mind. Start finding your happy outdoor balance with these eight safety measures.

How to Adopt a Dog Without Adding Pet Odor to Your Home

If you are hesitant to adopt a dog for fear of adding pet odors to your home, we have great news! There are many ways to reduce the amount of loose fur, dander, and odors so you can enjoy your time with your pet indoors and out. Start with these five tips!

How to Train Your Dog to Have a Potty Spot in the Yard

Training your dog to use a designated potty location in your yard can make clean-up activities a breeze as well as prevent messy and unsanitary mishaps. If you have ever had to remove doggy waste from your shoe, you know the hazards of running through a yard to play a game of tag. But, what if your dog only uses a small section for his own private bathroom? Find out how easy it can be to train your dog to do just that!