The Best Way to Clip Your Dog’s Nails

While not all dogs require a frequent trip to the local groomer, every dog needs a good nail clipping now and then. If you are new to trimming your dog's nails or you are simply seeking the best way to clip them without causing undue stress, these tips may be just what you need to turn that pawdecure into a calming experience for all. From DIY tools to finding help from nearby grooming services, we'll show you how to choose the right option for both your canine companion and your budget.

7 Fun Ways to Help Your Dog Beat the Heat This Summer

The summer heat can take its toll on anyone, but especially your dog. Just imagine walking around in the hottest parts of the day while wearing a fur coat that covers your entire body! It's enough to make you sweat from the thought of it. But, the great news is there are some simple and super fun things you can do to add a little cooling comfort to your dog's day.

Where to Adopt a Dog in the Daytona Beach Area

Do you live near or are planning a visit to the Daytona Beach, Florida area? Adopting a dog can be one of the most exciting adventures of a lifetime for individuals and families alike! Here is why Sophie's Circle should be on your list for places to find your new furry best friend in need of a forever home.

Indoor Dog vs Outdoor Dog Safety Tips

When weighing your decision to keep your newly adopted dog indoors or outdoors for most of the day, there are some important safety tips to consider. By taking precautions, you can better assess the amount of time outside is right for your pet and your lifestyle with peace of mind. Start finding your happy outdoor balance with these eight safety measures.