Turn Bathtime into Funtime for Your Dog

Adopting a new dog into the family can create quite a chaotic experience at bathtime, depending on the personality, training or experience level with bathing, and overall grooming needs of your pet. The good news is dogs can be trained with a loving patient approach and some positive reinforcement tools to overcome some of the fears of bathing, and it all starts with making the bathtime event a more enjoyable process. Here are some tips to get you on the road to turning bathtime blues into bathing cheers.

Go Green for Earth Day with Your Pets

As we prepare for Earth Day, we tend to think about in terms of taking public transportation or carpooling, recycling our water bottles, swapping our cleaning supplies for natural products, upcycling our old furniture, and bringing reuseable shopping bags to the grocery store. But, what can we do together with our pets to reduce waste and make the world a more beautiful and healthy planet? Here are some ideas on how small changes to our daily activities with pets can help care for our Earth.

5 Reasons to Adopt a Dog this Easter

Adopting a dog this Easter can lead to many unexpected and wonderful changes in your life. From learning what you really adopted was a cherished best friend to gaining a new exercise routine that puts you on the path to better health, you will value making this decision with each happy tail wag and excited wiggle. Read on to learn more about how dogs are an Easter gift that will bring your friends and family closer and enhance your life in numerous immeasurable ways.

Why is my Dog so Itchy?

Have you ever had an intense itch you cannot scratch hard enough to relieve? Occasionally, dogs can experience that too. That said, a dog who frequently scratches, licks or bites at his skin can immediately make us jump to the conclusion the dog has fleas or other pests. While this is one possible explanation for this behavior called "puritus", there are other reasons he may feel the need for a good scratch. Here is a list of common causes of skin irritation in dogs, and how to know when it's time to see the vet.