10 Ways to Save on Dog Food

Your newly adopted dog comes with an abundance of life-enriching benefits, including a workout buddy, warm greeting after a tough day, and a judgment-free confidant. But, while your furry baby is worthy of the best quality ingredient dog food available on the market, the price that comes with feeding him healthy ingredients can be steep. To save on the cost of nutritious food for your dog, try these 10 tips.   

5 Ways to Include Your Dog in the Holiday Season

The holidays are a wonderful opportunity for people to connect with friends and family. However, dogs generally enjoy any good excuse to mingle with others as well. Pets can also help reduce stress brought on by planning or attending a large social event. If you are looking for things you can do to include your pet in the celebrations this season, consider these options that will help you and your dog stay in the holiday spirit. 

5 Surprising Places you can Take Your Dog

Meeting friends for lunch or running errands does not have to mean leaving your dog at home. That's right! Your dog can say goodbye to hot parked cars or lengthy stays in the dog crate. Check out these five surprising dog-friendly places that welcome you to bring your pooch with you when you come.

5 Ways you can make your Dog feel Comfortable and Safe

Adopting a dog is such an exciting time for the whole family! You are not only bringing home a pet, but a best friend who will wag his tail when you come home, listen to all your stories about the day's events, and miss you when you leave. If this is your first dog or if it has been a while since you last adopted a dog, this checklist will help you ensure he feels safe and comfortable in his new home.