10 Ways to Save on Dog Food

Nov 15, 2019     |      Sophie's Circle

Dog waiting patiently for food in empty bowl.Your newly adopted dog comes with an abundance of life-enriching benefits, including a workout buddy, warm greeting after a tough day, and a judgment-free confidant. But, while your furry baby is worthy of the best quality ingredient dog food available on the market, the price that comes with feeding him healthy ingredients can be steep. To save on the cost of nutritious food for your dog, try these 10 tips.   

Score Coupons! 
We love coupons and now they are easier to find, organize, and carry with you to stores than ever before with numerous coupon apps you can download for free on your mobile device. Ibotta, Krazy Coupon Lady, and Flipp are some examples of popular ways to locate online coupons and organize them on your mobile device for your convenience. All that is typically required is a quick scroll through the coupons for your favorite dog food, adding the item to your app shopping cart before you enter the store, and then scanning your item and receipt after purchasing at the store. 

Sometimes, printed coupons still have the best deals. That said, we can understand carrying a bulky coupon folder around and trying to keep it current can prove overly cumbersome. Never fear! SnipSnap alleviates that frustration. Simply take a quick pic of your printed coupons to store them on your mobile device for quick use at the store. 

Accrue Cashback, Gift Cards & Rewards
Our favorite part about the coupon apps is many offer cashback, gift cards, and other rewards for simply using them to shop and scan your items or receipts. That's like getting a double coupon just for using their apps! Use these apps for all your shopping needs and you could receive enough reward points to have money or store credit to spend on dog food even when you cannot find a coupon for your brand.

Stock Up During Store Sales
Coupons and cashback apps will give you a fabulous start to saving money for your dog's food needs. However, your brand also may occasionally be on sale enabling you to combine your coupons with the sale for optimal cost savings. If you have an opportunity to buy your dog's food at a reduced price, be sure to compare your other store prices that may match or beat their sale prices.

Consider Buying in Bulk 
In addition to grocery stores and pet stores, you may want to include local warehouse stores in your price comparison. Often times, purchasing multiple bags or overly large bags at a warehouse store such as Costco or Sam's Club will result in savings for your dog food and your other grocery items. These savings can oftentimes be enough to justify the club membership. Plus, there are some ways to shop at Costco without a membership, like giving a friend who is a member the money to buy you a Costco gift card called a "Costco Cash Card" or shop online at Costco.com.      

Buy Online
Speaking of going online to purchase your dog's chow, try checking prices at online discount stores such as Chewy.com and Amazon.com. Like the warehouse stores, the lack of expensive overhead most physical location pet stores and grocery stores have to pay equates savings that can be handed down to online shoppers. If you buy enough groceries or other products with your dog food, you can usually avoid any shipping fees. In the end, this may be the most convenient shopping method that also saves you gas, mileage, and time while still getting a great price on your pet's food.

Use a Subscription Service
Talk about convenience, how about having your dog food delivered to your door without having to go online each month to order it? Subscription services offer one more reason to consider purchasing your dog's food at an online discount store because your price lowers by signing up for monthly deliveries that can often be pushed back a month or stopped altogether as desired. This option is great for pet owners who trust a particular dog food brand and will likely be purchasing that same brand approximately every month to every other month. 

Request a Sample
This savings technique is particularly helpful when your loveable canine requires a specialized diet. However, all pet owners can contact the company that makes their selected brand of food and request a sample to try. A note of caution, switching food out too quickly can cause dogs to have gastrointestinal issues. As unappealing as it may sound to humans, changing a dog's diet should be done slowly and infrequently.

Make it at Home 
Are you a good cook? If you know your way around a kitchen, then you are probably aware you don't have to be a trained chef to follow most online recipes. In fact, you might be surprised at how easy and cost-effective it is to work preparing a couple of meals for your dog into your daily routine. For optimal health and wellness, look for recipes that cater to your dog's size, age, and food restrictions to run by your veterinarian before making the dietary switch.

Compare Brands
For those who are not sure about making their dog food at home, remember you have many food brands available competing for your trust and loyal spending. While you may like a certain brand, there could be something comparable that contains the ingredients you want without the higher price tag. Of course, the sales price is not the only thing to consider to get a lower cost. By comparing the recommended serving size and quantity of servings per bag for each brand, you will be able to figure out which brand boasts a better price.

Avoid Over-Feeding
With any brand or recipe you use, there should be a set amount for each feeding that helps your dog maintain a healthy weight. This can be easier said than done as the size of dog varies as well as eating habbits. For instance, some dogs nibble throughout the day and others eat their entire meals in a matter of minutes. Consulting with your veterinarian along with finding leftover food in the bowl at the end of the feeding can help you determine if you are over or underfeeding your dog.

As demonstrated above, there are several ways to save money while providing quality nourishment you can count on when feeding your furry best friend. With a little added effort up front, you may find using many of these savings ideas not only aid with affording trust-worthy dog food, but also with grocery expenses in general resulting in yet another reason adopting a dog is tremendously rewarding! If you are considering pet adoption, take a look at our adoption page to see if your perfect match is waiting for his new home. Then, try out these tips to see which one provides you with the top way for you to save!