What You Should Know When Traveling With Your Dog

Are you looking to add a new furry four-legged member to your family? If the answer is yes, then there are a few things that you need to consider beforehand. One of those things would be what would you do if you and your family were to travel. Now yes, you can always get a pet sitter to come and walk, feed and spend time with your dog. But why do that when you can just bring you do with you when you travel? If you choose that option, then here are 6 things you should know when traveling with you dog.

6 Foods To Keep Away From Your Dog

Doesn't it seem like we usually share it with our fur babies when we eat something delicious? It doesn't matter if it is a biscuit fresh from the oven or a big ham bone from what was left of a ham. Our dogs don't understand exactly what we're eating. They just know that if their human is eating it, they must also be able to. Now, we all hate those big puppy dog eyes we get when we say no to our fur children. It isn't because we don't love them. On the contrary, we love them with all of our hearts. But not everything we eat as humans is safe for our dogs to eat. So here are six foods to make sure that you keep away from your dog.

6 Safety Tips For Walking Your Dog At Night

Our dogs depend on us to do everything for them, from feeding them to walking them - and everything in between. So, if you have a furry four-legged best friend at home, just waiting for your arrival, there will be times that you have to walk them at night - especially in those winter months when daylight savings happens. One important thing to remember is your dog cannot use the toilet like humans or the litter box like cats - and no one likes having to clean up an accident (though accidents do happen). So, what can you do to ensure that you and your furry best friend are safe and sound? Here at six safety tips for walking your dog at night.

7 Ways Having a Dog Helps with Child Development

Owning a dog might be a lot of work, and sometimes it might not seem worth all the trouble. But having a dog does a lot for one’s mental health. In addition, they offer a unique companionship to their entire forever family, and dog ownership can help your child’s development in many ways. Here at seven ways having a dog can help your child’s development.