6 Water Safety Tips All Dog Owners Should Know

With the weather warming up and summer just around the corner, everyone is looking for a way to beat the heat and cool off - a lazy day poolside, a beach day, or a boat trip. But remember, water and dogs don't always mix well. So, when you have your fur baby in tow on all the watery adventures during these warm months, it is essential to keep them safe - because an accident can happen instantly. Here are six tips for keeping your dog safe around the water.

How To Keep Your Dog Safe While Driving

Anyone who is a dog owner knows how bad it feels when you have to leave your furry family member at home when you're running errands. But that also means you know how much fun you can have when you bring them along for the ride. So, whether you're going on a road trip or running a few errands, it is essential to ensure that all your family members are strapped in safely - including your furry four-legged family members. Here are the five best ways to ensure your pup is secured and ready to hit the road.

Top 7 Spring Time Activities for You and Your Dog

When it comes to springtime and wanting to be outside, humans aren't the only ones who can benefit from fresh air and outdoor activities. With the spring days growing longer, there are many activities that you and your pup can do together outside. So, if you are wondering what outdoor activities you can do this spring with your pup, here are seven great ideas.