Winter Safety Tips for Outdoor Dogs

Although many dogs are easily trained to live inside homes with their favorite humans, there are some circumstances where your furry friend may need to stay outdoors for an extended period of time. If your dog requires an outdoor living space for more than 20 minutes during the cooler months, it is helpful to follow these winter safety tips to ensure he or she remains warm, healthy, and happy.

Before Your Adopt a Dog for Christmas, Ask These Quick Questions

The holidays are an exciting time to think of all the ways you can bring joy to those you love the most like adopting a dog A.K.A. "best friend for life"! But, while we might argue dogs make the best kind of gifts all year round, there are some questions every potential dog owner should ask before adopting. The same should also be said for those planning to give a dog to an individual or family as a gift. Therefore, before you tie a bow around your new rescue and ask him or her to lie down under the Christmas tree, answer this quick cheat sheet list of questions to ensure everyone has a happy and safe holiday season.

How to Train Your Newly Adopted Dog to Be One of Santa's Best Helpers

Whether you recently adopted your furry companion or you are planning to add a dog to your growing family over the holidays, this season can be particularly overly stimulating for anyone, much less a newly introduced canine friend. But, don't worry. We've written down some great tips to make sure everyone in your household, including your newest four-legged family member, enjoys this magical time together by teaching your dog ways he or she can quickly become one of Santa's best helpers!

5 Steps for Turning Your Adopted Dog Into a Therapy Dog

After adopting a dog from a well-reputed local nonprofit organization like Sophie's Circle, you may be considering sharing your dog's love and unique talents with others. Training your dog to earn the prestigious title of "therapy dog” or an “emotional support dog” is both a noble and extremely helpful way to spend quality time together. It has also been shown to be beneficial to your dog to have a rewarding job he or she can perform consistently. Here’s how to get started in five easy steps.